Amazing Lawyer!

Carmen Roe is very honest and helpful. She helped me out of my situation within a few months and had me stress free from my case. She is very good at her job and i would recommend her to anyone in need of help. My case was very complicated and hard to get around, but thanks to Carmen and her team's hard work, they helped me not only to stay out of jail, but also helped me to get back on my feet again. Thank you so much for you and your teams honest hard work and help Carmen!

June 20, 2017

Federal Case

My name is Steve Amira, and I had a federal case. With the help of Carmen, my sentence was drastically reduced and she exceeded my expectations . Carmen not only was extremely nice but she was more than just a lawyer, she developed a bond with me that I didn’t know was possible, and she earned my complete trust in the process. She always checked up on me and made sure I was doing okay. She always said I was welcome to come and consult with her any time I wanted . Not only did she get to know me but she got to know my family and my history. She continued to do follow ups and kept me optimistic. I felt so comfortable around her and I’m proud to have had her as my lawyer. I recommend her to any and everybody.

January 17, 2019

Stacked Against Defeat

I was on a long journey through probation, and was almost finished when I got in trouble again.
The situation looked very bleak, I was crying for help and was sure I would end up in prison for a long time.
I found Carmen and I talked to her and she changed my outlook, she made me positive and gave me hope that everything would be ok.
I am currently off probation and 6months sober and I couldn't have done either with out her. 


February 12, 2019

First Choice

Prior to hiring Carmen i met with a couple other "defense attorneys" one couldn't follow the facts of the case the other basically threw his hands up before he was hired,, nonsense...
When facing a criminal charge there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with it, this case would affect my entire family's future and after meeting with Carmen for a consultation i KNEW within a few minutes that this is who i wanted on the case. I made this decision strictly off her character and demeanor when speaking with me. I didn't see any quit in her, shes headstrong, very sharp and aggressive and this is the attitude you want in your defense attorney. A+++ ladies, Thank You


July 23, 2016

Best Lawyer!!

I am forever grateful to Carmen Roe for her unwavering hard work on my case.

I was charged with a felony in 2010, and made the mistake of hiring a terrible lawyer whose gross negligence on my case led to me pleading guilty.

I met with Carmen Roe in 2016 and spoke to her about my case. She listened diligently and agreed that I was denied effective assistance of counsel, and that my plea of guilty was not knowingly and voluntarily entered because my lawyer did not properly advise me. Soon after our meeting, Carmen Roe drafted and filed a writ of habeas corpus. She worked tirelessly, going back and forth speaking with prosecutors, never taking no for an answer. I am so delighted to say that we got awarded the writ! Carmen Roe then quickly started filing the petition for expunction. As of today, my nightmare has ended, and the guilty conviction is forever off of my records.

I cannot thank Carmen Roe enough. She will listen to you and fight for you. Her and her team will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Any questions or concerns you might have get quickly answered. You are never left in the dark.

Carmen Roe is devoted and loves what she does. If you hire Carmen Roe, then you can rest easy knowing you are getting the absolute best representation.


February 28, 2018

Against all odds!

I hired Carmen Roe for a serious charge and all I can say is hands down she is the best lawyer in Texas .A real miracle worker. We were able to get the results we were looking for against all odds . Highly recommended and I won’t hesitate to hire her in the future or recommend to others . She is very smart, well known and respected in the court room .


March 13, 2018