Amazing Lawyer!

Carmen Roe is very honest and helpful. She helped me out of my situation within a few months and had me stress free from my case. She is very good at her job and i would recommend her to anyone in need of help. My case was very complicated and hard to get around, but thanks to Carmen and her team's hard work, they helped me not only to stay out of jail, but also helped me to get back on my feet again. Thank you so much for you and your teams honest hard work and help Carmen!

June 20, 2017

Excellent Attorney to take care of your Criminal Case

Carmen is a great attorney! My case was a very minor one and it was disputed immediately. With her representation I felt confident and the process went very smooth. What I liked about Carmen is that she doesn't take NO for an answer and she will fight until your case is dismissed. Her staff was also very helpful and honest. I couldn't have gone to court without her. Thanks again to Carmen and her team.


June 19, 2017

She is amazing!

Ms. Roe did an amazing job. She helped me fight my big case and won i can't thank her enough for her hard work. If u are looking for a lawyer you don't need to look any further she is beyond the best Thank you Ms. Roe!!!!!


May 26 2017

First Choice

Prior to hiring Carmen i met with a couple other "defense attorneys" one couldn't follow the facts of the case the other basically threw his hands up before he was hired,, nonsense...
When facing a criminal charge there is a lot of anxiety and stress that comes with it, this case would affect my entire family's future and after meeting with Carmen for a consultation i KNEW within a few minutes that this is who i wanted on the case. I made this decision strictly off her character and demeanor when speaking with me. I didn't see any quit in her, shes headstrong, very sharp and aggressive and this is the attitude you want in your defense attorney. A+++ ladies, Thank You


July 23, 2016

Absolutely amazing!

I recently hired Carmen as my attorney for a case and not only did she handle everything in a quick manner, she did her best effort into my outcome which was amazing! I cant tell u how much I recommend her for a legal manner bc she was so perfect, just as was her paralegal Elizabeth Holt. Please contact her for any legal assistance bc you simply cant get any better with Carmen Roe and her staff!


July 15, 2015

Case Dismissed! Carmen and Elizabeth Tag Team DA!

I can't thank Carmen enough for her hard work and dedication, and Elizabeth for her commitment to keeping the lines of communication open. Facing a felony charge is a scarey place to be, but Carmen assured us she would be in our corner. While no promises for dismissals can be made, we trusted she would stay true to her word and she did! Case dismissed!! Thank you Carmen and Elizabeth for our Christmas miracle!


December 22, 2015